The Silver Lining of Conservative Politics

The last year has been an emotional ride for those involved in politics, especially for true conservatives who have watched the Republican party cave in on itself these last few months. Now that is not to say that the conservative movement or what it stands for is disintegrating because it cannot uphold itself. Conservatism embodies people with morally upstanding principles and beliefs but a party is only as good as the people in it. With an embarrassingly long list of imposters in Republican party who have lost sight of integrity, the party has fallen to the misconstruing of truth.

I have watched Republicans focus most of their energy on the negative aspects of other candidates, their political past, their personal lives, and so on. This happens amongst the Democrats as well but it is nothing compared to the long slew of GOP candidates this year that were willing to pull each other under to stay afloat. When did it become a common ideology that these campaigns should be solely based on running the other candidates into the ground at any cost in order to make oneself more appealing for the most powerful position in America?  Realistically I get that it is never going to be just policy debates because the “who” behind the stances is an important part of the job. You can say whatever you want while running but what you have done and are currently doing is what speaks volumes, or it should anyways.

So do not be surprised when I say I will not vote for Donald Trump even though I am a Republican. It’s like dressing Hillary up in a Chinese manufactured suit and a toupee, slapping the label Republican on her, and expecting me to follow lead in aimlessly supporting her. It just will not happen and I will tell you why. I vote based on one thing and one thing alone. Morals. If you claim to be a conservative but are wishy washy on the life of babies in the womb, you will not get my vote. If you claim to be a man of God but show no humility or integrity in your daily life, I will not vote for you. I know that no one is perfect but if you are going to run as a conservative you better have your morals in line because from that you will base your policies and how you approach every issue you face in the highest position of this country that we hold so dear.

I refuse to reiterate what we have all seen on a crazy loop from the media over the last few months. I almost want to change Trump to “He Who Must Not Be Named”. He even makes Voldemort look appealing. In the end we will be dealt a candidate and I have a feeling he will not embody the morals and principles I value so much in conservatism. So what is the silver lining for conservatives you ask? This year has been one of showing true colors. I have witnessed an upsetting amount of “journalists”, “Christians”, and other political activists who claim to be conservatives, misrepresent what we believe and what we stand for. The powerful winds of our culture made them bend and oh how easy it was. It is disgusting and upsetting but I am in some ways glad it happened so that I could find the voices of true Christians and conservatives who are not scared to stick to their values and oppose those they had respect and trust for at one time.

I have been inspired by the underdogs, those who refuse to let the vast majority make them fearful or crush their passion on issues that are of the greatest importance to conservatives. Issues like stopping abortion, protecting our country and our Allies, reducing the debt, and inspiring everyday people like me to defy all odds and create businesses, jobs, and make our economy great again with our own hands and by busting our backs.

Thank you to those who have stayed true to their moral beliefs, especially those who made their voice heard amongst the false representation of our core political views. There is always a silver lining and I believe God is calling us to shine amongst this ignorance, confusion, and madness.


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