The Soul Purpose


The beauty of creativity expressed through artistic outlets is that no matter what it may be, it can connect the souls of all people. Whether you grew up in a small town in Kansas or a bustling metropolitan area in New York, you can share a universal connectedness through art.

As humans we have the amazing ability to use our souls and minds to contribute unique personal gifts to the world through our work. You do not have to be a prestigious lawyer, professor, or politician to have a stance on what is happening in the world. That is the beauty of countries like America, where everyone has a voice, even if it may not be as easily heard as it is by others of higher positions.

You may feel that you merely agree with the masses and that there is nothing left to contribute or that there are others who do a better job at voicing your shared opinions. That is absolutely untrue. No one has the same exact mindset or perspectives as you. That is something to remember and treasure. You cannot act, cook, sing, dance, draw, write, paint, or play any sports? It does not matter.

Our society pressures us to be these super humans that not only have a variety of passions but are extremely good at them. Think for a moment about what makes you get up every morning, those are your passions. They fuel you to go out and live and contribute to the world no matter what madness surrounds you. I do not care if it means going to work every day at Wal-Mart, an office, or the Mall of America. It is an act of courage to live and to live honestly.

A good example of this is Humans of New York, a photography project started by a man named Brandon, which has accumulated over 17 million followers on Facebook over the last few years. He photographs people on the streets of NYC and also in other countries that he travels to. They discuss everything from what circumstances they have had to overcome in life to what brings beauty to their life. He interviews people of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. No point of view is altered to fit an agenda. People by the millions have been drawn to these pictures and stories because of their authenticity. The diversity of people is remarkable and yet no matter how opposite we may seem to be, we can relate on an emotional level to every story.

Someone once told me that they did not like that subjects like poetry and philosophy have a multitude of meanings. It may be impossible to know what the author truly meant or intended to mean so what is the point in trying to find an unreachable truth? The fact that every person can infer a line of poetry differently is an essential beauty of art. Forget the “school” idea that there is a right answer. The right answer is the one that naturally occurs. When you listen to a song and the haunting lyrics makes the hair on your arms raise. When you walk through a gallery and “feel” a piece of art speak to you. Something that the artist drew, wrote, painted, created, or said, connected to your soul. This is a feeling that cannot be manufactured or fabricated. It is an authentic association between humans that may never meet or even know of each other’s identity.

So I would argue that the ambiguity and unending depth of art is precisely the point. How a film or piece of literature speaks to you on an individual level is all that matters. Of course it is intriguing to analyze what the artist’s intentions were and sometimes we are able to read or hear about what inspired the artists. I would argue though that many times, the creator doesn’t always know the intent but rather expresses it into the world because they merely need to. Our creations are born from inspiration in our souls. To share who we are and how we get through life.

If you ever feel inadequate please take the time to reflect that there is no level of perfection that exists. There may be the one our society creates or one that we have unconsciously created in our minds but there is no universal truth for how to feel or express oneself. Be brave and courageous and watch how people connect with you. It makes life so much sweeter and reminds us that we are all humans.

Take joy in the moments when art makes you weep or sick to your stomach. When it makes you laugh or remember fragments of memories long forgotten. When it makes you dream wildly or enlightens you to be bold. Use your minds and bodies because they are gifts but never forget what makes you human and irreplaceable is your soul. It inevitably ties us back to our Creator.



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