Millenial Misfortune

Today was another busy day for me rushing from work to school to the dog park to the library and back home again. During these hectic week days I always have a few moments that stand out. As I was fighting for a spot in one of the crowded University of Missouri-Kansas City parking lots I saw a multitude of Bernie bumper stickers as I usually do driving through the downtown area. I parked, ran to the meter for a slip, and hurried back to deposit it on my dashboard and get to class, when I noticed the car next to me had a variety of cool stickers on it’s bumper. The usual COEXIST for all the different religions, a radio station sticker, and then one that included a short quote. It read something very similar to:

“Maybe someday we’ll properly fund our education system and the Air Force will have to have a bake sale to raise money”.tumblr_njoh5ir4NO1s8y4koo1_500

It was so random and off the wall it made me laugh out loud. The Air Force? Why not the Army or Marine Corps. or the Navy? Why so specific? What an interesting comparison of the education system to the military. Education is something that we are blessed to have because of our freedom which is ironically gifted to us because of the dedication of fellow Americans like those in the Air Force. I am a pro-life Christian woman forced to contribute money to organizations like Planned Parenthood which are slaughterhouses of our future generations but do you see me slapping a bumper sticker on my car about it? No. Instead I have a scriptural sticker,

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” Jeremiah 1:5 NIV

That right there says it all for me. It does not condescend against those who choose to give their money to the left or their organizations. So you want your education paid for and you want peace and you want and you want but you need to grow up. I am appalled at our generation filled with people who want everything to come easy and stand behind ironically twisted versions of “love” and “equality” for everyone. It is no wonder they flock to the Democratic side and trample each other to vote for a 74 year old socialist or a 68 year old manipulator. They do not take enough time to understand the issues and the severity of their impact on the future of our country. Forget not being able to militarily protect our country, we’ll self implode before it gets to that point.

Liberals like to be the “cool” parents that give you no boundaries. You know, the ones who give you the talk at 14 and say as long as you’re safe and on BC (which is completely unhealthy) you can have sex and it is your choice to get an abortion if you end up pregnant but do not want your life to be “ruined”. Since we all want our parents to tell us that it is the child in that case that would ruin your life, not the sexual actions themselves or how you handle the consequences of your actions. We don’t need the “easy” way to be taught to us. The one that forgets to mention God created us and sex should be with someone we love and want to have children with. Once they normalize the empty feeling and rejections involved with truly loveless sex and say it’s experimenting and “our body means our rights” we fall down the slippery slope of a self serving lifestyle. The same one that discourage religion but emphasize the importance of “equality” amongst the races. Just as children yearn for guidance from their parents, citizens with the leaders of this nation are desperate for structure and strength.

The parents and politicians and the celebrities and so on are to blame for the flourishing relativism in this country. When Bernie Sanders stands up and says we need to stop wasting money on war and use it repair the inner cities. When Beyoncé makes a point to criticize our police officers that protect us in order to further the skewed agenda of BLM. Give money and speeches to inner cities, Jay Z and teach them why selling drugs isn’t the answer and that young blacks can do more than rap or play ball. These pandering 70 year old white politicians are off their rockers but so are the young famous idols of the millennial age.

We don’t need a leader we think is going to magically fix everything. We have to understand foreign policies, economics, human rights and so on to critically analyze candidates and their policies. This election year is a joke. By idolizing liberal celebrities, by stoking the fires of selfishness, taking God out of the equation and making ourselves a country that rules on what feels good we will run ourselves straight into the ground.

So before you talk about how mistreated you are in America, look at the fact that you have the ability to acquire an education, that you have free speech, that you have a somewhat secure country to call home with people dying to make that freedom stand strong. Get rid of your Netflix and iTunes account, get a flip phone, cut down on the $5 lattes every week and save money for your education if you really want it that bad. Quit blaming, get off your ass, work hard and have something substantial to build your life on. Stop the blame game and definitely stop treating our soldiers like they are an expense to this country when they keep this country standing. *End rant*


7 thoughts on “Millenial Misfortune

  1. thecrustisthebestpart says:

    Amen! I remember when I went back to college at the age of 27. I was in class with many 20year olds that lived off student loans. The professor was writing a “budget” on the board of how expensive and hard it is to be a college student. She had cable, Starbucks, smartphone and so on on her budget along with food and toilet paper (necessities). I raised my hand and told her a smartphone, Starbucks, and cable are not necessities. The problem is people believe they are. I hate that my generation is being duped into these lies. Thanks for putting it so “awesomely”

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  2. TheDaddyBlitz says:

    Great post! Out of curiosity, are you adding “tags” to your posts? I don’t see your posts in the “Discover” Reader feed, only in the “Blogs I Follow” feed. I could be overlooking them though.


      • TheDaddyBlitz says:

        Yes. When people go to the Reader, most sort or filter the blog posts by tags. So, for example, if you add the “Christian” tag, your post will pop up if someone filters the feed by that tag. It’s chronological order, so it gets pushed down by other posts in that tag. I have about 3-4 tags I filter by.


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