Miss Your Exit Playlist

The start of summer is the perfect time for a playlist refresher. Whether you’re taking a road trip, sitting around the campfire, or just taking some time to mellow out with a glass of wine, it never hurts to have some good music to enhance the experience and enrich the memories.

Didn’t He Ramble by Glen Hansard

New music from Glen never ceases to amaze and this song from his recently released ‘A Season on the Line’ exemplifies his diverse style. He picked up the pace, included some great instrumentals and created a song you can’t help but tap your foot to. Another example of Glen’s enduring brilliance as an artist, this song is something to be appreciated.

Ain’t Much For Lyin’ by Fairground Saints

Go ahead and roll your windows down and let this catchy tune help you get into the “no worries” mood that accompanies summertime. You won’t be able to resist pushing the repeat button and you will catch yourself humming the tune for days.

Montana by Less is More          

A unique ballad that induces wanderlust and the need to take a road trip to Montana as soon as possible. Listen to it with your eyes closed and it’s not hard to imagine yourself under that big blue sky.

Shorty Don’t Wait by A Great Big World

A beautiful acoustic piece that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face and inspires you to follow your dreams. Or it will at least inspire you to miss your exit and take the long way home so you can have a few more minutes of musical bliss.

High and Dry by Colin & Caroline

This newly released cover is a beautiful rendition of a Radiohead classic. A mixture of new experiences and nostalgia will make you fall in love with this song all over again. Definitely a duet worth hearing more of.

Hear Your Heart by James Bay

All of his songs are meant to be categorized under “acoustic therapy”. Every song he sings is as beautiful and raw as the last. He is one of those artists you yearn to see live because of the unwavering confidence in his talents and performances. The only criticism for this particular song is that it ends too quickly. Alas we have the repeat button.







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