Passion is defined as a “strong and barely controllable emotion”. I can honestly say that the two things that have consistently kindled that feeling in me throughout my twenty three years on Earth are writing and faith. When I was eight years old I would sit out in the middle of our two acre backyard with a notebook and listen. I would listen for God to speak to me through the sun on my shoulder blades and the breeze travelling through the trees and wheat fields. I would close my eyes and listen while everything surrounding me seemed to simultaneously breathe. I think that when I was eight, I was much more aware of His presence and I was still astounded by His glorious creations. As time went on that appreciation in me dwindled, the more I allowed myself to be immersed into the world or rather the culture that we created as humans and now define as the world we live in. So you may be wondering what it is that brought me to start a blog. I have always known that writing and my passion for my faith made me who I am and yet I never pursued any opportunity to share it with others. I wrote poetry when I was younger and would share it with my family but I never allowed myself to share my writing otherwise because honestly, who would care?  I finally realized that it not what art is about at all. It’s about my expression of who I am, what I think and love, and how I feel. After all this time I think I owe it to myself and to my Creator to do what I love and express it.


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